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Cardiac arrests due to substance use leads to greater rates of severe cerebral edema

March 16, 2022

We investigated the effects substance-related cardiac arrests (SRCA) in patients who failed to regain consciousness after resuscitation on severe cerebral edema development, a neuroimaging intermediate endpoint for neurologic injury. Patients for whose cardiac arrests could be attributed to substance-use were more likely to develop severe cerebral edema compared to patients whose cardiac arrests were not due to subtance-use. SRCA patients had higher proportion of brain deaths compared to non-SRCA patients. However, there were no statistically significant differences in discharge outcomes or survival between SRCA and non-SRCA patients which may be related to the higher rate of withdrawal of life-sustaining treatment (WLST) in the non-SRCA group. Future neuroprognostic studies may opt to focus on neuroimaging markers as intermediate measures of neurologic injury as these are not influenced by WLST decisions.

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